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Fantasy League

Fantasy League

Fantasy League is the original fantasy football website. They hit the market back in 1991 with the UK's first ever fantasy football game. In the years since, Fantasy League has continued to make sport fun and involving with fantasy games on a wide range of different sports as well as music, film and finance. They've been hugely popular and now have more than a million players!

Fantasy League is very much a UK operation (they're based in London) and operating entertaining online fantasy games is what they concentrate all their efforts on. Current high-profile partners include The Sun, Sky Sports, AOL, Liverpool, Chelsea and Barclays.

Fantasy League's 'Classic' game requires you to pick a squad of 16 Premier League players and compete for a share of £75,000 in prizes. You can also create a private league with your friends. Loads of fun!

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Edge magazine

Edge Magazine

Edge Magazine is one of the longest-running multi-system computer/video games review magazines. Edge was first published more than nine years ago in 1993 and is read by more than 20,000 readers every month.

Edge magazine includes reviews, previews, news and articles for all major computer/video game formats, including XBox 360, Playstation, PC and the new Wii U. If you're interested in reading about how video games are made, you'll enjoy the 'making of' series featured in every issue.

You can buy Edge in most decent newsagents or get a subscription to Edge magazine and have your issue delivered to your home, which gets a discount off the normal price. Subscribers also get their copy a few days before it hits the shops.

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e4education Games

e4education Games

e4education work with UK schools, fusing education with computing and creativity. e4education's website has lots of fun games for children aged 4-7, 7-11 and 11+. The games are free to play with no registration needed.

The free game sections are English, maths, science, art and fun. The maths games are fun to play for kids, such as Check-out Challenge where the player works in a shop and needs to calculate the correct change for the customer. There are quizzes, ie. How To Make Electricity, which tests children's science knowledge and leaves them knowing more than they did five minutes earlier.

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Free Play Games

Free Play Games

One of our own websites, this is a directory of free-to-play online games. There's no download required to play these games and no membership required. The site has been around for some years now, since 2003 in fact, so there's a nice collection of free games to suit all tastes.

The free online games are broken down into different categories such as adventure, arcade , casino, simulation, sports, puzzle and more.

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CBeebies Games

CBeebies Games

This is definitely one for the kiddies in your household. CBeebies, part of the BBC, have got loads of really good children's games to play and they're all totally free. There are various categories, including Song Time, Make and Colour, Watch and Listen and Story Time.

All of the games at CBeebies Games include 'Grown-ups Information' to help you play the games with your little ones.

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