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Fancy a new job? Maybe it's time to climb the career ladder or completely change what you do. We look at the best UK employment websites to see what jobs are out there and put you in touch with the best employers. Show 'em what you're worth!

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WEXO (Work Experience Online)

WEXO - work experience online

WEXO (Work Experience Online) is an exciting development in the employment market. WEXO is the UK's first 'matchmaking network', bringing together job-seekers and employers. WEXO help people requiring or offering work experience, internships and jobs.

WEXO describes itself as a 'launch pad' for people starting their careers. WEXO introduce job-seekers to new and interesting opportunities in companies they might not otherwise have access to or would not have considered.

If you're looking for work and want to try something different, get in touch with WEXO. The same applies if you're an employer and you need new, dynamic people to join your team.

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Hotel Jobs

Hotel Jobs - hotel and hospitality recruitment

Hotel Jobs is an online recruitment website specifically for hotels and hospitality.

The team behind Hotel Jobs have worked within the hospitality and internet industries and have operated the site for a few years now. They are backed by industry, business, media and technical experts.

You can register your details at Hotel Jobs or search the vacancies already listed.

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Hire Fire, UK jobs portal

Hire Fire - UK jobs portal

Hire Fire is a busy UK jobs portal where employers and job hunters come together to fill vacancies. Hire Fire finds jobs in many different industries including education, sales and marketing, IT and electronics, and hotel and catering.

You can upload your CV to Hire Fire so relevant employers can locate you and see what you have to offer. The site also helps with interview tips and CV writing.

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Monster Jobs


When it comes to searching for a new job online, this is one of the first websites you should be checking out. We've never been quite sure why they chose their name but Monster have been one of the leading job recruitment websites for as long as we can remember. They've got a vast selection of job vacancies to look through and they've got opportunities from some huge brand-names such as HSBC, British Gas and BSkyB.

Monster have got literally thousands of vacancies for you to consider and you can search them via local area or industry. They've also got lots of very useful advice, tools and articles. If you've recently lost your job or are looking to move into a new one, Monster is a very helpful resource.

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Fish 4 Jobs

Fish 4 Jobs

Another well-known job vacancy listing site, Fish 4 Jobs lists tens of thousands of possible new job that may be right for you. They cover just about every type of industry, including accounting, catering, engineering, legal, media, nursing, retail, travel and lots more.

If you're feeling a bit lost then it's worth a look through Fish 4 Job's advice pages. You can get help with choosing the right career, writing an effective CV, interview preparation and interview tips.

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Caterer - Hospitality Jobs


Caterer is an ideal site if you're looking to work in the hospitality industry. They've got thousands of job vacancies with many of the UK's leading conferences centres, cruise ships, restauraunts, hotels and pubs. They can also put you in the right direction if you want to do leisure or cleaning work.

You can search through the jobs at Caterer by location, job type or even vacancies at a specific employer.

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Medical Jobs

Medical Jobs

You won't be surprised to learn that Medical Job is a website dedicated to matching medical and healthcare job vacancies with the right candidates. They have loads of positions in London but they also have plenty to interest those of you living around the UK.

As well as the most traditional medical jobs, this site covers quite a few different healthcare sectors, including social care, opticians, chemists and dental jobs.

Medical Jobs offers a 'jobs by e-mail' service where you can register to receive notification of suitable vacancies as they become available.

Click Here To Visit Medical Jobs

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