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Earn it, spend it, invest it, enjoy it! We can't get away from money so let's try to make as much of it as possible and spend it wisely! We take a look at our favourite nine money-related resources - ka-ching!

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Fonebank UK - sell mobile phones

Fonebank UK - sell your unwanted mobile phones/pads

Lots of us have at least one unwanted mobile phone, abandoned in a drawer somewhere after upgrading to a newer model. You can sell your unwanted phones, iPads/iPods and tablets to Fonebank UK, who will recycle your old phone and pay you via cheque, bank transfer or Amazon gift voucher. Fonebank UK recycle more than 90,000 phones every month, partnering with Oxfam, The National Trust and Wateraid. So far, Fonebank UK has paid more than £60 million.

Fonebank UK will pay up to £265 for your old phones. To find out how much they'll pay for yours, click the link below then enter the make and model, or IMEI. Fonebank UK will issue payment on the same day they receive your phone.

Click Here To Visit Fonebank UK

XE - Free Currency Converter

XE - free currency converter

This is a brilliant tool that lets you convert currency amounts instantly. For example, you can work out how many euros you get for a quid. Or US dollars. Or just about any currency you can think of.

XE can be really useful if you're going on holiday and want to calculate how much currency you can get for your money. It's completely free to use and always completely up-to-date with the latest exchange rates. We've used the site for years and it's never let us down.

Click Here To Visit XE


Houseweb - cut out estate agents

Most of us head straight for an estate agent when we want to sell our home but there are better - and cheaper - ways to do it. Houseweb are the UK's largest direct sales company who on average save customers £5,500 in fees. They've been doing this since 1996 and describe themselves as a unique marketplace that brings together homebuyers and sellers.

Houseweb enables you to advertise your property in way that looks professional. Your advert will include colour photos and even a virtual tour. Your advert appears on more than 350 UK home buying/selling sites - in fact, more than three million house hunters will be able to see your advert and get directly in touch with you.

Houseweb take the place of a traditional estate agent so you can deal directly with real buyers, not pushy agents. Costs here don't compare to an estate agent - prices at Houseweb start from just £47. There's no commission to worry about and no hidden charges.

Click Here To Visit Houseweb

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert - save money online

Money Saving Expert is a brilliant website dedicated to saving you money on anything and everything by finding the best deals and by beating the system wherever possible. The site is owned run by GMTV's Martin Lewis who bases all the content on detailed journalistic research, cutting edge tools. Money Saving Expert is a popular money site and has one of the UK's largest online communities.

Money Saving Expert started life back in February 2003 and cost just £100 to set up. The site's owner is well known for starting the campaign to reclaim bank charges. As a result of information and template letters from Money Saving Expert, more than six million people got involved and reclaimed more than a billion pounds.

Money Saving Expert is proudly ethical and we cannot stress enough how popular this site is - it gets more than eight million unique visitors every month. Martin Lewis reckons that the average person in the UK can give themselves the equivalent of a 25% payrise by following the advice on Money Saving Expert. Martyn appears/appeared on various TV and radio shows/channels including GMTV, ITV1's Tonight, Five TV's It Pays To Watch, a weekly column in News of the World and a monthly column in The Telegraph.

Click Here To Visit Money Saving Expert

Fatcheese Cashback

Fatcheese Cashback - money back for your shopping

Fatcheese is a UK shopping portal that gives you cashback on your online shopping. The site is free to use and you can buy from more than 1,200 online retailers and get sizeable amounts of money back. Cashback sites are becoming massively popular but for some stupid reason, here at 9UK.com we hadn't tried using them until recently. We should have joined one years ago! You can do your normal online shopping at the same retailers and still pay the same prices - the only difference is that you get money back.

Some merchants listed at Fatcheese are actually free and you'll still get cashback! For example, some are surveys or free membership sites.

So how is it free to use? All of the online retailers will give Fatcheese a commission payment when you make your purchase. We assumed that Fatcheese would share this commission with their customers but they actually give you ALL of the commission - that's the 'cashback' you get paid. Fatcheese make their money by keeping the first £5 you earn each year as an annual subscription fee. We think that's a brilliant deal.

Click Here To Visit Fatcheese Cashback

Post Gold For Cash

Post Gold For Cash - fair rates for your unwanted gold

We've all seen the TV ads, encouraging us to exchange our unwanted gold (is there such a thing?) for cash. Quite a few of these gold buying companies have been getting poor press for offering lousy prices but we're happy to recommend Post Gold For Cash. They generally pay considerably more than their competitors, including some big name buyers (ie. Tesco).

Complete the online form at Post Gold For Cash's website and they'll send a free 'gold selling pack' to you in the post. You'll have your cash within 48 hours.

Some gold buying companies have acted unfairly in the past and we're recommending Post Gold For Cash because we believe them to be a different breed. Post Gold For Cash work with WH Smith and Royal Mail and they came top in a BBC survey on The One Show.

Click Here To Visit Post Gold For Cash

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