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Food! We all love food! Even better, online shopping means we can order bucket-loads of cool food and drink and let some other bugger deliver it for you! We've picked out nine awesome online food and drink shops. Tuck in!

A Quarter Of

A Quarter Of

A Quarter Of is an awesome online sweet shop who sell everything from retro sweets to personalised gifts. We've bought sweets from this place far too many times to be healthy and we keep going back for more.

You can buy many old favourites from A Quarter Of, including some sweets and chocolate bars that you thought had disappeared years ago! They sell stuff like Space Dust, Wispa bars, Jelly Beans, Caramacs, Wham Bars, Fry's Orange Cream, Sherbet Dips and loads more.

You can build up your basket of goodies at A Quarter Of and they'll deliver it to your home. We've always been very impressed with the quality of the packing and speed of delivery.

Click Here To Visit A Quarter Of

Dominos Pizza - Order Food Online


Pizza is yummy and having it delivered, fresh and hot to your door is always going to make you feel wonderful. Well, for at least an hour.

Dominos is a huge name in the pizza business - they've been here in the UK since 1985! They've got well over 600 stores throughout the UK so you're never far away from your favourite pizza and side orders. They've got a super-cool new online ordering system which shows you exactly where your pizza is. You'll know precisely when your pizza is being prepared, in the oven and even when it's on the way to you!

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Pong Cheese

Pong Cheese

Everyone loves cheese. Pong was created to bring customers in the UK some of the very best cheeses produced by the leading independent and artisan producers, complimented with some classics from Europe.

At Pong we believe cheese is the greatest gift of all. We sell a large selection of cheese gift selection boxes for the ideal birthday, anniversary, wedding or corporate present.

Each cheese is a little masterpiece of taste and texture and in most cases has a unique and highly skilled process behind its production. From the bizarre looking but phenomenal tasting 'Oxford Blue' to the now legendary 'Stinking Bishop', any of the cheeses available at Pong deserve centre stage.

Click Here To Visit Pong Cheese

Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury Gifts Direct is the online shop from Cadbury. You can select from a huge range of scrummy Cadbury products. The site also has a cool 'pick and mix' section where you can create your own unique Cadbury hamper filled with all your favourite choccy goodies.

One thing we particularly like at Cadbury Gift Direct is that the selection includes quite a few exclusive Cadbury products that you just can't buy in the shops. At Christmas time, for example, they sell MASSIVE selection boxes that are bigger than anything you'll see in the shops. These make awesome Christmas presents and the recipient will be amazed at what you've bought for them. Yum!

Click Here To Visit Cadbury Gifts Direct

London Fine Foods

London Fine Foods

Selling online since 2003, London Fine Foods have steadily grown to become one of the UK's leading online shopping sites for lovers of luxury food. They sell caviar, cheese, foie gras (yeah, we know - bit of a moral minefield), seafood, tea, truffles and loads more posh nosh.

We all have different tastes and some of us at 9UK.com can be very fussy eaters but even we found something for everyone to enjoy. The selection and variety of food at London Fine Foods is impressive. Take their 'fruit purees' page as just one example. They buy only from farmers who have total control over every stage of the fruit harvesting and processing. The fruit is then carefully frozen and will make an awesome ingredient for your sorbets and smoothies - and that's just one page from their huge selection!

If you do go ahead and place an order with London Fine Foods then you'll be in good company. You'll find their product range in highly regarded stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

One to impress your friends with.

Click Here To Visit London Fine Foods

Luxury Hampers and Food from Virginia Hayward

Virginia Hayward Hampers

Some of the online food shopping sites we've listed on this page are used mostly to buy for yourself but it's safe to say that this is one you'll use as a gift idea.

Virginia Hayward have been delivering yummy hampers for roughly 25 years and if their customer feedback is anything to go by, they're doing lots of things right. Their website includes plenty of unedited feedback and there are some glowing reports, particularly regarding customer service. It appears that Virginia Hayward Hampers put plenty of emphasis on keeping their customers informed throughout the delivery process. Good stuff.

Contrary to what you may think, these hampers are popular throughout the year and not just at Christmas. They make ideal and impressive gifts for birthdays, weddings, christenings and they're an excellent way to reward staff.

Click Here To Visit Virginia Hayward Hampers

The Gift Of Oil

The Gift Of Oil

Those of you who love to spend time in the kitchen will appreciate this one. The oil you use can make a huge difference to what ends up on the plate and your friends/family will taste that difference.

The Gift Of Oil offer top quality, family produced extra virgin olive oils and genuinely matured balsamic vinegars of Modena. They sell their oils in individual bottles if you're buying for yourself but they also have a useful 'gift set builder' if you want to send something special for someone else to enjoy.

Most of the oils you'll find at this site have been imported in bulk and then bottled/labeled here in the UK. The site has been selling premium quality oils online for some ten years now and you'll find evidence of the site's popularity with many top chefs commenting at The Gift Of Oil's website, including Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Woodford and Masterchef's John Torode.

Click Here To Visit The Gift Of Oil

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