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We've scoured the net to find the best training and education resources in the UK. These tools and services could help you get ahead of the competition and land your dream job.

The Training Room

The Training Room - personal trainer careers

More people are taking an active interest in their own health and fitness then ever before. Loads of people go to the gym regularly and many of them have their own personal trainer. If you're looking to for an exciting career change than you could become one of these qualified personal trainers. The demand for newly qualified trainers is high so it's a good career choice.

It's possible to become qualified as a personal trainer in just six weeks with The Training Room, one of the UK's leading Personal Training recruitment companies. There are 19 training centres throughout the UK and links with many of the UK's best-known health clubs and leisure companies, including David Lloyd Leisure, Esporta and Virgin Active.

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Learning 247

Learning247 - state-of-the-art online-learning and self-study

Learning247 offers visitors the latest, state-of-the-art online learning and self-study multimedia programs across virtually every and every training area. These training opportunities include accounting, business, CAD (design), IT Certification, languages, personal development, project management, social care, website and graphic design plus a LOT more. You are unlikely to be disappointed.

Learning247 offer new and existing customers a huge range of low-cost and immediate-access training and can provide custom quotes and bundles for all levels of experience. Their website is highly informative and is certain to attraction your attention. User-feedback has been very good with a high level of repeat business.

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UK Education News

UK Education News - the latest education headlines

This is a useful site for people who work in education or just want to follow the latest developments. UK Education News offers a quick at-a-glance look at the latest education headlines. Stories are taken from trusted sources including BBC, Yahoo and The Telegraph. Press Releases and other sources are also used to generate relevant results.

UK Education News is kept up-to-date with fresh news stories appearing hourly on the site.

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Skills Training UK

Skills Training UK

Skills Training UK is a National Apprenticeships training provider with all of its courses available for you to learn online. Whether you are doing an apprenticeship funded by your employer or you are a young person upskilling to enter a new career, Skills Training UK trainers can deliver online learning. As well as apprenticeship training, Skills Training UK provide high quality online learning for traineeships for 16 to 24-year-olds and also courses for adults.

Everyone has different learning preferences and Skills Training UK cater for this, no matter what your requirement. There are many methods of training students for an apprenticeship including 'Bite-size videos recorded by expert trainers', 'Live and interactive webinars led by professionals', 'Small group online learning sessions' and 'One-to-one online coaching and mentoring'.

Training and development, offered through live and recorded online sessions and individual support, is an excellent way to keep motivated and continue developing your skills ready for when you return to work.

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BBC Bitesize Learning

BBC Bitesize Learning

BBC's Bitesize Learning pages contain loads of videos, articles and quizzes for primary and secondary students, enabling you to catch-up with lessons you might have missed or need to study again to get back on track.

In our opinion, the educational Bitesize pages are some of the best parts of the entire BBC website, offering essential GCSE, Primary (Age 3 to 11), Secondary (Age 11 to 16) and Post-16 (Age 16+) lessons, tests, resources and more. There is also a careers section to consider which field(s) you might end up working in.

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Learn English Online

Learn English Online

Operated by the British Council, Learn English is an online resource for anyone looking to learn the English language or improve existing language skills. Learn English is ideally suited with its vast database of learning material to cater for both native and non-native English speakers. Everyone will learn more than they realised they didn't know about the English language after spending just a short time at the Learn English website.

If you're wondering if you're in safe hands, the British Council modestly describes itself as having 'the world's English teaching experts' on its payroll to guide you through your learning experience. The Learn English website is a fair mixture of free-to-use/view and paid material. It's quite unlikely you'll need to splash out any cash unless you really need to get serious about possessing near-perfect English (which will be an advantages in some industries) and want to qualify for online English language courses.

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Natural Health Studies

Natural Health Studies - holistic therapy diplomas

Anyone considering studying natural holistic methods and taking courses in the subject are advised to do a little research before deciding on which tutor(s) or distance learning specialists are actually qualified to teach you properly. It's a big step to open yourself up to new ideas or expand on existing skills so doing it with the right training and trainers is essential.

Natural Health Studies can provide potential students with the reassuring knowledge that they have more then twenty-five years experience training holistic therapists and so know the best methods of training for students at all level of experience. Natural Health Studies can see you though more than sixty different holistic distance learning courses to the point where you take - and hopefully pass - your Practitioner Diplomas.

No matter what type of holistic therapy you want to study or complete an online course in, Natural Health Studies can help - offering distance learning diplomas in more than twenty different holistic therapy subjects, all fully accredited by the International Complementary Medical Association. Upon successful completion of your course, you can then obtain therapists insurance and membership to various professional health bodies, allowing you to practice your chosen therapy in the UK and get your own holistic therapy business off-the-ground and start making money from your new skills.

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Sales Training International

Sales Training International

Sales Training International has provided tangible training solutions for sales people for more than twenty years. Their courses are designed to improve conversations and generate more leads. Sales Training International also provide sales training business consultancy and coaching, either taking on the entire training for your company or working with an in-house team to develop better sales.

Sales Training International provide a complete training solution for business and personal skills, finance, human resources, leadership and management, marketing and more. To stay informed, there's a decent blog worth reading at Sales Training International's website with the latest sales, marketing and training news plus helpful articles and guides.

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Age UK education and training

Age UK - education and training for older people

Age UK does a huge amount of good work and its services are provided to older people in lots of different ways. On this page, we're only interested in Age UK's dedicated website section covering education and training for older people.

Education is a great way to learn something new, meet people, acquire work skills or just to have an active retirement. Age UK breaks-down various learning and education requirements into easy-to-understand categories. For example, the 'Build up your skills' pages will help you to brush up on your skills, which is not only important for your career - it's an ideal way to discover your untapped potential. Also worth a look is Age UK's 'Higher education and training' section' as the majority of universities and colleges welcome mature students.

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